Dave Alred

Dave Alred MBE PhD is widely acknowledged as one of the best coaches operating on the planet today.

Dave has helped athletes and businesses alike, to improve themselves far beyond their own personal expectations. His relentless drive and application towards performance and improvement has put him right at the very peak of his field.

There is no one better to help you reach your full potential.

Performance Coaching

Dave Alred’s knowledge across the entire spectrum of performance is unquestionable.

Dave has been at the top of the game as a world leading performance coach for the past two decades. His accolades and achievements range from nurturing World Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson into rugby’s most feared kicker to supporting Luke Donald achieve the position of world number one golfer.

A genuine pioneer in performance psychology, Dave is uncompromising and unequivocal in his pursuit of continual improvement, revolutionising the performance abilities of sports & business people alike. Over thirty years of hard won experience has helped Dave create world beaters across the spectrum.

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Help your organisation by commissioning the most insightful coaching presentation you will ever encounter. 

Dave believes in the transference of learning. That’s why, amongst others, he worked with surgeons, skateboarders, rugby players, pilots, golfers, dolphin trainers. Dave has been relentless and uncompromising in his pursuit to develop his coaching techniques and philosophy, an approach that has allowed people to constantly re-define what they are capable of achieving.

Dave doesn’t do ‘off the shelf’, he approaches everything he does with the same thorough process and vigour he would with any world leading athlete. Every engagement Dave accepts involves him learning about your needs, engaging with your brand and devising an approach unique to you and your people. 

No Limits Diary

The No Limits 2018 diary is a daily tool to help everybody reach their full potential. 

By using the No Limits diary you can take control of your own improvement. Taking these simple daily steps will help you develop an attitude and application so that you can really make the best of your ability. Get into the ugly zone, improve and then celebrate your achievements. 

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Dave Alred - The Pressure Principle

The Pressure Principle

In his new book, The Pressure Principle, Dave shares his eight groundbreaking principles and shows how we can all apply them to our lives.

Pressure is a constant in our lives. The pressure to hit a deadline, deliver that speech, interview for the job we really want – they are all challenges we need to meet. Like a footballer taking a penalty or a golfer making a putt, how we respond to pressure defines us at work and at home.

From how a child-like approach can help us through tough moments, to the best ways to face an audience, to why language is the ultimate performance-enhancing drug, Pressure is the definitive guide to dealing with our challenges. Packed with accessible stories and tips, it shows how we can harness pressure to produce our best at home, at work, and in our sport or exercise – by the man who has spent his life coaching the very best.


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Dave Alred - The Pressure Principle


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